08/01/2023 - Season 2023 Information

Loch re-opens SATURDAY MARCH 11TH. Day/season ticket prices also confirmed plus further important information. Read More

Season 2023 - Ticket Prices

Tickets:(Two types of tickets available - day tickets and evening tickets)

Adults(Over 16 years old) - £10
Juniors - £8
There will be no O.A.P. day or evening tickets this season. The price for all adults will be £10.

All anglers are asked to purchase their day/evening ticket from the hut before they begin fishing if it is open. Anglers who do not do this will be charged an extra £5 for their ticket.


Season Tickets:

The period for renewing/purchasing season tickets has now passed.


Important Information for Disabled Anglers:

Due to access restrictions outwith the club’s control, we are currenty unable to provide access to the loch for disabled anglers. Individuals are requested not to ask any local landowners for access as this will be refused.

Further Information:

Bag Limit - 4 fish
Rod Limit - 1 rod per angler
Rainbow Trout season - 11th March until 8th October
Brown Trout season - 15th March until 6th October


Unfortunately, our boats are unavailable for hire at the moment. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

If you have any concerns about the behaviour of groups or individuals fishing on the loch, please advise the bailiffs on duty at the time. We have had one or two complaints about some anglers behaviour, but if the bailiffs aren't made aware at the time then there is little we can do. All anglers should be aware of the full rules of the loch, which are printed on your ticket and can also be seen below.

Club Membership:

At this time, Clarkston Angling Club are not currently accepting applications from those wishing to become club members.

Rules of the Loch:

Fishing by fly, bait and spinner are all permitted on the Lilly Loch. Outside of the brown trout season(6th October to 15th March), livebaits such as maggots or worms are not permitted. Powerbait is permitted, however swimfeeders are not allowed at ANY time. When bait fishing for trout you may not catch and release fish. All trout over 10 inches must be taken. When you have caught your bag limit you must stop fishing. Pike of any size should be returned to the water after being caught.

Only one rod per angler at any one time. A spinning/bait rod and fly rod may be assembled, however the rod not in use must be pointed away from the loch. Anyone found in breach of this rule by a club member or bailiff will face a future ban from the Lilly Loch. Season ticket holders will also have their season ticket confiscated.

The bag limit is 4 fish.

No fishing in the burn before March 15th and after October 6th.

Fishing in the burn is by fly rod only, no catch and release and there is a 2 fish bag limit. Once 2 fish are caught, the angler must then move to the main body of the loch where a further 2 fish can be caught.

When spinning, there is no catch and release. All fish caught must be killed.

When fly fishing, you can catch and release until you kill your first fish. All fish caught thereafter must be killed.